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Heart Resonance

What if the Key to fulfilling your Life Purpose and Manifesting your Destiny, isn’t about hard work, will or focus, but lies in activating the Power of your Heart?

You may have heard things about manifesting your purpose like…”Follow your Heart” or What is your Heart saying?

But how do we reconcile the desires in our Hearts with the self-doubt, the confusion and even the distrust we have about actually “following” our Hearts…?

We are taught that the Heart, is soft, emotional, feminine, vulnerable…even weak. We are taught that the Heart serves the mind, that our brains program our heart and that our heart simply responds to our physiology and our world. Scientists have discovered that the heart possesses its own nervous system, with over 40,000 neurons, the heart not only supplies the entire body of oxygen, it’s actually a “mini-brain” that has the ability to sense, process information, make decision and even to learn and create memories. It’s also a hormonal gland, manufacturing and secreting numerous hormones and neurotransmitters the affect both the brain and the body. Your heart contains a powerful magnetic force that activates the Law of Attraction and draws into your life experiences, events, opportunities and circumstances that match the quality of your intention and your life purpose. Knowing how to tap into the Power of the Heart and fully activating the energy of your Heart is a key the into greater health, reducing stress and improving your immune system, it’s also an important step in creating a meaningful, joyful and abundant life. Over the next week I will be sharing ways that have helped me tap into the power of my heart and it’s intelligence.

I’m so thrilled you are here. 💗


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