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 Menstrual Wisdom for Every Woman 

This is an invitation from my heart to yours to join me on a journey of conscious choice.


A journey where together we practice ancient wisdom teachings, purify, reset and rewrite our stories on Menstruation.


We will share a moon cycle together from new moon to new moon. Diving deep as we uncover the myths and mysteries of our Sacred Moon time. 


Ancient cultures considered a journey such as this a right of passage, something overlooked in today's times. 

Welcome Home, Sisters

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What We Cover on This Journey 


Earth Sky Alignment

Shakti Embodiment Practice 

Nutrition and Herbal Support 

Living as a Cyclic Woman 

Using a Moon Dial and Journaling.

New Moon / Full Moon Energies

Self-love Practices Including Self-Massage

Red Tent and Bleeding Ceremony

Expanding your Physic Abilities 

Blood Practices 

Week 1

Welcome Ceremony & Red Tent & Sacred Menstruation Practices 

This first week we remember menstruation as a ceremony, connecting to the sacredness of our bleeding time and creating our own moon time rituals to pass on to our sisters and daughters.

Week 2

Journalling for Cycle Syncing & How to Use Your Moon Map

This week we will look at how we can use simple journaling cues to create a moon map. This will be something we work with throughout the course and in introduction to cycle syncing.

Week 3

The Moon & Moon Week Phases 

This week we look at the white moon and red moon cycles and how we can honor the energies of bleeding at these times. We also look at the phases of our moon week.

Week 4

Cycle Supportive Nutrition & Cacao

We will be looking at supportive nutrition herbs oils and take a more in-depth look at cycle syncing. I will also be sharing my love of cacao and how I work with this medicine throughout my cycle for emotional and physical support.

Week 5

The Blood & Blood Practices

+ Bonus Video 

In our call this week we will talk about The Blood. We will cover how colours and textures of your menstrual blood can give you insights into your health and wellbeing. We will take a look at ancient practices such as free bleeding, anointing, steaming, and more.

Includes bonus module on pre-menopause.

About Rebecca...

About Rebecca.jpeg

Rebecca May is a wise woman, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and a lover.

Consciously living her yes she moved to Bali to continue her studies and explore the mysteries of menstruation.

A best-selling author Rebecca now shares with women the magic of menstruation and sacred moon teachings.

As someone living with PMDD, she has learned that through connecting with the intelligence our blood holds it is possible to access the wisdom of lifetimes.

Working with women facilitating workshops and retreats she is able to shine a light on the path to remembering our sacredness as sisters.

"It was once said if you want to destroy a village take down their red tent …. just imagine how we can effect change on the planet by rebuilding them!"

- Rebecca May


I have been lucky enough to spend a fair bit of time supported by Rebecca’s energy. At a time of complete overwhelm, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, she shared her wisdom with me. She helped me internalize the importance of rest, the value in being in communication with my feminine cycle as a gateway to my own feminine wisdom. She shared many pathways of magic with me, sisterhood, self-love, natures portals, and the amazing Mumma cacao.


Rebecca has such an embodied sense of what she teaches because she has walked this path, and walks it every minute of her life. She knows the joy and peace that come from living in the right relationship with our hearts. With her gentle and supportive manner, Rebecca really acted as a guide for me. A guide on the pathway back to my authentic feminine heart and soul. I can’t thank her enough. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

- Millie Letori Australia

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We will gather weekly on a live Zoom call, allow 2 hours for each session. Our first call however please allow 3 hours as we spend time together creating an alter and seeding our intentions for this journey.


Each week you will receive an email with two short videos attached. These clips will introduce you to the topics that we will be diving into on our weekly Zoom calls and an invitation to send in questions. 


All Zoom calls will be recorded.


Every consideration will be taken to accommodate differences in time zones. 


To receive the most from this immersion it is highly recommended that you set aside time each day for alignment practices and journaling. 

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In service to sisterhood and the tender times we find ourselves in, this program will be offered at a carefully considered rate of

$295 USD

*Flexible payment plan options along with scholarship spaces available.

Enrollment Begins Mid-Year


This course is limited to a small number of highly aligned women to ensure connection within the group.

If you are feeling the call and would like to find out if this sacred container is for you, please click the button below. This will redirect you to my calendar where you can book a free 20-minute clarity call.


1-1 Sacred Moon Mentorship

I also offer 1:1 sacred moon mentorship, 1:1 support sessions are for women who are truly aligned and ready to live in the right relationship with their inner seasons. Taking on a Menstruation Mentor can support and guide you through the myriad of information available. 

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