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1:1 Mentorship

I am deeply committed in supporting women in rewriting their menstrual stories. I have been guided to offer Sacred Moon my group program as a 1:1 mentorship.


Connecting to the wisdom of your menstrual cycle is one of the most empowering acts of self-love a woman can do.


1:1 support sessions are for women who are truly aligned and ready to live in the right relationship with her inner seasons.  


Taking on a Menstruation Mentor can support and guide you through the myriad of information available. 

Welcome Home, Sister

We will work together across a moon cycle covering all the modules currently included in sacred moon and take a deeper look at:


Moon Mapping 

Rights of Passage

Healing Ancestral Lines

Womb Clearing 

Tantric practices that will enhance your Relating, Radiance and Orgasmicness 

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Connecting with the wellspring of intelligence that many of us have forgotten that we carry as women enables us to create an abundance of magic in our lives. 


Are you ready to reconnect to the sacredness of your menstrual cycle?


Are you ready to celebrate yourself in all of your seasons? 


To fully embrace that just you are sunshine you are also the storm. 




Welcome home sister, I am delighted you are here 

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