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A sacred space for women to come together to support, inspire and share.

When women gather with an intention to hold, to listen, to co-create, and to empower, the possibilities for genuine transformation and impact on the culture are endless.

- Sarah Marshank

About The Womens Collective

Welcome to The Women's Collective 


This is a space where women from all over the world come together to share their gifts and support each other.


We talk about: 

Conscious Relationships 

Sacred Sexuality 

Self Discovery

Self Care 



Spiritual Practices 

Human Design 


Crystal Wisdom and Other Witchy Ways 


Through connection with The Collective, we are able to share and expand resources, contacts, wisdom, and medicine 


Monthly New Moon Zooms calls bringing women's circles online

Sacred Moon

Menstrual Wisdom for Every Woman

This is an invitation from my heart to yours to join me on a journey of conscious choice.


A journey where together we will practice ancient wisdom teachings, purify reset and rewrite our stories around Menstruation.

Welcome sister, I'm Rebecca.

I am a woman, a sister, a daughter, a friend and I am a lover.


I love yoga, crystals, sunrises, and the lunar cycle. Schedules, practicality, lists, my journal and setting intentions. I go on deep adventures and I am addicted to Cacao.


A  Gypsy with her feet planted on the ground consciously living her YES.


A green juice addict who needs her morning coffee before her meditation practice gets a look in. 


A hair and makeup artist who’s successful career in the film industry caused her to burnout.

I decided to “be the change” and live my life in a softer more feminine way. Tuning to my inner guidance, connecting to my cycles, listening to my body's signals and following my Yes.


Working with women using tested tools, setting intentions, connecting with their heart’s desires creating more abundance and the best life ever lights me up. 

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