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A trick to try if your moon blood won't flow

Im often asked what to do if your moon won’t come.

You may have all the signals you are about to bleed, restless sleep, tender heart, headaches, perhaps cramping or bloating and nothing …

To help with congestion, when you know its ready but feels blocked a Castor Oil pack may help

Castor Oil is a detoxifier and helps to stimulate blood circulation and move the blood.

Make a compress, soaking a cotton or wool pad with Castor Oil.

Place a hot water bottle over the area and cover with a towel to keep the warmth in.

Rest, meditate, listen to beautiful music or your favourite podcast until the the pack cools.

A Castor Oil pack done before sleeping often brings blood by the morning.

Essential oils that may support the process are chamomile, clary sage, fennel, juniper and rose.

Consistent Amenorrhea (one or more missed bleeds) is not ideal and may be wise to be checked out by a Doctor


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