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Self Love & Menstrual Magic for Modern Women

This workshop is designed for highly aligned women that are truly ready to step into living in their most feminine qualities.


Due to the intimate nature of this workshop, I keep this limited number of highly activate women who are ready to reawaken their magic.


Self Love is more than a mani-pedi, it's more than a new dress or hairstyle. Don't get me wrong I like a trip to the day spa too, however, I have learned that the greatest act of Self Love that a Woman can do is to connect to her Moon Cycle. In this workshop, we look at the connection between the seasons of nature and our own cycle and how we can use this ancient wisdom in everyday life.

I share ancient Red Tent wisdom exploring the phases of women’s lives. We learn how to tune crystals and connect to our Womb space remembering that we are Queens. Learn tantric practices and ways of Manifesting your Hearts Desires.


Together we will remember that we are the physical manifestation of love, we are cyclic beings with a deep connection to the cosmos, connecting with the wisdom that menstruation brings also make us powerful manifestrix.


In celebration of coming home to our hearts, we drink Cacao and share our intentions, dreams, and truths.


Women will need to bring a journal, pens, water bottle, their sacred objects for the alter and wear something that they feel most feminine in. There will be a small amount of movement perhaps not comfortable in a short skirt.

Living an Abundant Life

This workshop is open to both men and women who are ready to live in their hearts and access the magic that is waiting for them. Learn how to let go of limiting beliefs, clear blocks and live your YES.


I share simple and effective methods for intention setting and connecting with your heart's desires.


We look at mission and purpose and ask the questions who am 1 and why am I here? Through this exercise you will be able to feel what is your deepest truth, gain clarity around what you are wishing to create in your life and see the steps to take, bridging the gap between where you are and what you are dreaming.


These techniques will help you become masterful when manifesting so as you start seeing more abundance, love, joy, and success in your life.


Prepare yourself for the awesome you are about to receive as the Universe has more install for you than you could imagine

Wealth & Financial Abundance

This workshop is a deep dive into our relationship with money. It gets edgy as we look at how this relationship is a direct reflection of our own self-worth.


We look at our language around money and reframe common phrases used when talking about wealth.


A look at unnecessary spending can shine a light on whether our spending habits are in alignment with our intentions.


I share ways to save you may have never considered, saving a little gives us a feeling of security energetically, it shows respect to the state of flow and we talk manifesting from a place of fullness.

*This workshop is the perfect partner to manifesting and receiving abundance.

Human Design Basics

Human design is a system combining Astrology Numerology Kabbalah Iching and the Chakra system.

It can show you your unique decision-making strategy and help you to see your potential as you realise why you are here.

Connect with your body's wisdom as you learn and understand our karmic path. Human Design is like having a personal user manual.


We look at your chart, cover the “basic types” strategy and authority.

These tools will show you the very unique way that you are designed to navigate through life and be in the world and give you what you need to start living the alignment experiment.


Participants are required to download there own charts

If you would like to know more about workshops or enquire about me facilitating at your retreat or festival please connect with via the button below.

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