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Bali, Indonesia


This 20-day immersion is for women ready to gift themselves time and space to gently unwind, rest, reconnect, explore a little deeper. Return to the ancient wisdom of the temples celebrating all of your glorious being.

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What to Expect

Yoga, Movement, Breath-work


Menstrual Wisdom, Womb Awakening


Manifesting Abundance, Intention Setting


Voice Activation, Sound Healing, Human Design


Water Purification, Sacred Ceremonies, Despacho, Cacao, Clay


Plant-Based Foods Designed to Rest your Digestion and Nourish You


New Earth Cooking and Waterfall Adventures


Sunrise Walks beautifully captured by our Photographer


Shopping Trips Through Markets and all the best places for Bohemian Elegance


Massage, Organic Spa Treatments, Healing Therapies (at additional cost)

Surrender and Rest in Comfort...


Pondok Cacao will be our private villa for our Immersion. You will be taken the very best care of our beautiful accommodation in Kedewatan Village Ubud.


The village of Kedewatan is only a short drive from the center of Ubud.  Time seems to stand still here, almost a return to the Bali of the ‘old days’. 


Traditional village life still exists where everyone has a welcoming smile.


Roosters crowing in the early morning, faint sounds of the gamelan rehearsal and wind chimes tinkling in the breeze, and the symphony of the jungle in the evening, are the only sounds to be heard in the lush landscape around Pondok Cocoa.

All rooms are private offering wifi, cool tiled floors, ceiling fans, outdoor bathrooms and modern furnishings with space to retreat to for reflection.  

You will be nourished with the highest vibe plant-based food, and nurtured by traditional Balinese bodyworkers and lovingly supported through your journey 


Rest in the tropical gardens by the salt pool and unwind with an afternoon massage in one of the center's treatment rooms. 


“It is time to reclaim our connection with Shakti (power), innate wisdom (intuition), and ferocious, unconditional love.”

- Rebecca Campbell

A Typical Day...

We take the mornings slow, starting with gentle movement, plugging into the earth, connecting our womb to our heart, raising our life force and vitality.


Gentle flow, Morning Jungle Walks, Sungazing and Movement practices will have us connecting to our bodies, as we journey deeper Human Design will help us to understand our bodies unique wisdom and signals for making decisions in alignment.


Breakfast: We eat in silence. Through the practice of silence, we are able to hear more deeply what it is that our hearts desire.  


Nutrition plays a very important role in ensuring you are supported in the healing work done on immersions such as this. Plant-based foods designed to rest your digestion will be offered, taking care of your dietary requirements. A cleanse day will be included in the schedule, with options to extend into juice fasting. 


Each week we work with a theme, sessions will be designed to guide, inspire, and sometimes challenge you. Gifting yourself 21 days is such an incredible opportunity, I invite you to dive deep, get curious and create lasting change. 

Why 20 days?

 This length of time gives you the time and space to gently unwind, rest, reconnect explore a little deeper and integrate.

Week 1 - What is our heart longing for?

We connect to our deepest truths, we ask the question “What is our heart longing for?” 


This week we look at our fears, what holds us back,  we take off our masks and surrender into our hearts. 


Each day is designed for us to dissolve deeper into trust.  Breath-work, Voice Activation, Creative Speaking, Movement, Water Purification will be on the schedule as will wisdom teachings on fear, heart coherence and speaking our truth.

Week 2 - Self Love

This 2nd week will be a ceremony of Self Love. The greatest act of Self Love that a woman can do is to connect to her moon cycle.


This week we learn ancient women wisdoms, working with moon dials and how through this addition to your journaling it can help you to work with the energies moving through at each stage of your cycle.


Womb Activation, Sound Healing, Creating Sacred Spaces, Cacao and Clay Ceremonies will be included in this week, along with shopping adventures and time for pampering one of Ubuds organic day spas.

Week 3 - Gratitude

We Celebrate our dreams and intentions. as we spend a week where gratitude is our theme 


You will be learning ways of living in your heart, living abundantly and accessing the magic that is waiting for you. Together we will identify and let go of limiting beliefs, clear out blocks and prepare to live our YES. New Earth cooking teaches how working with nature we can prepare the most incredibly nutritious and delicious foods.


We will make Despacho - a gift of gratitude to the earth. This ceremony will also take us on the most magical adventure up into the mountains to Les Waterfall where we offer this gift of love and prayer to Pachamama in a fire ceremony.  


This weeks wisdom talks also include sharings on the true meaning of “sisterhood” 

Due to the uncertainty of the times and current travel restrictions we have postponed retreats and events.  


Trusting that this time is an opportunity to sit in stillness,  light candles, meditate,  journal,  practice radical kindness and self love.

The Women's Collective & Co will be sharing inspirations and invitations to online workshops via our Facebook group.


We are all in this together, together we are better.

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